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The Champ
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    This video is available in two versions, one is for those of you who only have RealPlayer as a plug-in to play movies on your browser, the other is for those of you who only have Windows Media Player.  If you want to view the RealPlayer version, and you have a RealOne Player, you have to right-click on the top part of the player in the window and select the option "play in RealOne player" because Yours Truly is not technically savvy enough at this point to get around that.  Both versions are the same, but if you have a choice of either, go with the RealPlayer version, as the sound is better on that one, and it doesn't have that pesky tool bar all up in the video's face.  Enjoy!


The Champ (RealPlayer Version)               The Champ (Windows Media Version)





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