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UFB's "Valentine" Video
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    Okay, folks, we've got two versions for all y'all.  One is a smaller file for you 56k starving artists/techie cheapskates out there.  The other, much better, much more highly recommended version is for all you higher-speeders.  You really can't get the full effect (Sturm and Drang) or subtle subtext of this piece unless you view it in all it's full-size glory.  So, if you have only a slow connection, watch it anyway, but the next time you're at a friend's house who just happens to have a faster connection, sit down with him/her and enjoy the better version.  In addition, if you come bearing the gift of an Ultimate Fakebook CD, your friend is sure to overlook the fact that you're only using him/her for their internet connection.  Now, that's friendship!  Both versions are Windows Media Player Files, however, so you have to have that plug-in for your browser if you want to view these films (sorry RealPlayer-philes).  Enjoy!


Valentine (56k Version)                   Valentine (Broadband Version)





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